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Network Security

By 2020, IDC predicts that 1,000,000 new devices will go online every hour. That is an exponential threat against your network. How do you know:

  • Who is accessing your network and data?
  • Which devices to trust?
  • When your networks have been compromised?

ITsavvy delivers protection and visibility with a layered strategy to secure networks, endpoints, gateways, servers, mobile devices and cloud environments.

Network Security from ITsavvy

With new threats emerging every day, it doesn’t take much for your perimeter solution to become outdated and ineffective. Plus, new technologies like wearables, MFP printers and IoT devices now serve as unprotected endpoints to your network.

A robust Network Security solution from ITsavvy gives you:
Unified Threat Management – Use your own rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic, with:

  • Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS)
  • Intrusion Defense Systems
  • Next generation firewalls
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Site-to-Site VPN tunnels and Remote Access VPN
  • Firewall backups
  • Document change management

Anti-Virus Security – State-of-the-art tools designed to prevent, detect and remove malicious software including Trojans, worms and adware.

Endpoint Security – Program your own policies that require user devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to your networks.

The ITsavvy Difference

ITsavvy delivers powerful network intrusion protection with:

  • Policies that grant or prevent access to user devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers and wearables), networked printers and IoT devices (bar code readers, thermostats, POS terminals and others).
  • Customized filters that block access to suspicious URLs, infected peer-to-peer file sharing, malicious content, phishing/fraud and explicit content.
  • Improved efficiency from a more reliable network while eliminating the time and cost of responding to security events.
  • Improved business continuity that can meet some compliance initiatives.
  • Industry-leading network security partners including, but not limited to, Aruba, Fortinet, Varonis, Cyber Vault, SailPoint, Palo Alto, Symantec, Cylance, Sophos and Kaspersky.

We listen. Then deliver results.

Now is the time to act. Discover how ITsavvy’s comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions can protect your data, and your organization. Request a Threat Assessment consultation.

Need Anything Else?

We have advanced in-house Security expertise. Contact us to learn more about:

• Next-Generation Firewalls

• Multi Factor Authentication

• Network Access Control

• Mobile Device Management

• Data Loss Prevention

• Security Information

• Event Management

Network Security clients often purchase these products:

> Firewalls

> Endpoint Security

> Web Filtering

> Content Filtering

> Network Monitoring Device

> Security

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Clients often augment Network Security with these solutions:

> savvyGuard®

> savvyBackup®

> savvyCloud®

> savvyDesktop®

> savvyMail®

> savvyBandwidth®

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