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Threat Intelligence

More than 80% of IT security leaders believe threat intelligence is mission critical. Yet, to defend their organizations, they lack:

  • In-house expertise to manage threat intelligence on a timely basis.
  • Advanced tools for effective threat intelligence.
  • Staff time to review threat data frequently.

ITsavvy overcomes these challenges with state-of-the-art Threat Intelligence solutions.

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence gives you security and strength through vigilant prevention and early detection. A comprehensive solution delivers four phases of action:

  • Threat Hunting empowers your organization with an in-depth picture of your network and endpoints to identify gaps and develop remediation strategies.
  • Threat Monitoring gives you proactive network oversight with real-time intelligence of attackers, victims, methods and intents.
  • Threat Forensics deep-dives into an attack to locate compromised components, contain damage, get rid of malicious code and help restore your operation.
  • Threat Policies provide a framework for your organization’s security posture.

Threat Intelligence from ITsavvy

ITsavvy delivers timely and precise data to help you gain control and protect critical information. You receive 24x7x365 monitoring, recording and analysis of your network and endpoint data for improved asset security and business continuity. Here’s how we do it:

Intelligent software proactively searches for threats that have made it through your front-line security defenses (like antivirus and firewalls). These threats are quarantined and eliminated before they cause harm. Any damage is contained and limited.

Vulnerable network assets are identified for exploits for early detection and response using built-in IDS, host-based IDS and file integrity monitoring. SIEM and log management tools spot suspicious network behavior to quickly correlate and analyze events.

Real-time endpoint sensors see and record everything an attacker needs to accomplish their mission. You receive aggregated threat intelligence from a combination of public, custom, third-party and proprietary providers to accelerate discovery and classify attacks.

Root case analysis and isolation with a recorded history that rewind the clock to understand threats, isolate impacted assets and terminate attacks. Endpoint threat banning instantly stops, contains and disrupts the advancement of threats.

The ITsavvy Difference

State-of-the-art capabilities. We are unique in our ability to offer the industry’s most sophisticated tools including real-time botnet detection, network/endpoint cross-correlation, alert triage, command-and-control traffic identification, Advanced Persistent Threat detection, and dynamic incident response and investigation.

Threat identification and remediation. We don’t leave you hanging when a threat is revealed. We bring in our in-house experts to remove the malware and restore your data.

Customized solutions. We work with each client to develop a right-sized solution that is cost-effective and meets your risk management objectives.

We listen. Then deliver results.

Now is the time to act. Discover how ITsavvy’s comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions can protect your data, and your organization. Request a Threat Assessment consultation.

Need Anything Else?

We have advanced in-house Security expertise. Contact us to learn more about:

• Next-Generation Firewalls

• Multi Factor Authentication

• Network Access Control

• Mobile Device Management

• Data Loss Prevention

• Security Information

• Event Management

Threat Intelligence clients often purchase these products:

> Firewalls

> Endpoint Security

> Web Filtering

> Content Filtering

> Network Monitoring Device

> Security

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Clients often augment Threat Intelligence with these solutions:

> savvyGuard®

> savvyBackup®

> savvyCloud®

> savvyDesktop®

> savvyMail®

> savvyBandwidth®

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